Birth Photography

Life is a miracle let me document this for you forever….

This moment is probably going to be as memorable as  your wedding day so you ‘ll want the best photos .


 Birth photography includes photo coverage of the birth of your new baby.Your investment also includes my time on call day/night the weeks surrounding the expecting day, meetings , the length of your birth (from active labor until 1 hour post partum)


All births include time, travel,  up to 7  hours of delivery day coverage and generally between 100-150 edited images  in various black and white and some color for digital download

I typically arrive at the hospital or birthing center when you are between 6-7 cm dilated and in active labor for first time moms . I arrive sooner for mom’s who already have children also during active labor . This will give me plenty of time to capture detail shots of the hospital, hospital room, and the shared moments leading up to the birth of your baby.

In order to book me as your birth photographer, we will schedule a time to meet and go over what I do during a typical birth. I will bring a questionnaire and a contract .  We will  also go over  your birth plan and feel free to ask me any questions you might have. It also gives me a chance to meet you  in person before this amazing day!

Your images documenting your birth story